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Important points to note in choosing the Right Bar Stool


Furniture’s are an asset to any place; they brighten up and dress them up. It is essential that we choose them very carefully, cos they have the power to even bring the look down, of the entire place, be it a living room or a ball room.  Minute details are something that needs utmost attention like the tables can be managed somehow, but the chairs need proper attention. You can arrange the table anyway, as a corner table, centre table and decorate it accordingly, but when you choose chairs for them, then it needs a lot of thinking and research.

Stools are trendier these days than the old fashioned chairs. Those stools at the cafés and restaurants, pubs and bars are always fancier and attractive; you just can’t resist trying to sit there. They are available in all patterns and absolutely comfortable too. But, the trick lies in finding the best one.  You get fixed stools, moveable and adjustable too; choose the one that meets your style and comfort. Bar stools are perfect to sit around in your kitchen, having a snack or just lingering around the smell of what’s cooking in! They are best suited even for the tall dining table, a basement game room and even at the portico outside, to sit and sip a coffee while you take a tall sight of view below. So, confused on buying few stools for your home, or bar? Looking for some points to check on buying? Thinking of Which bar stools are best? Well, there are answers for all your queries here, read on to know.


Before you start rushing to the stores, hold and read this. Modern stools for the bar, come in various heights; counter height, short, bar and tall. Find the height of the table top, before you step to the stores to see the stools. There must be approx. 9-12 between the stool seat and the underside of the surface, without spoiling the comfort levels.

Finding the height of the stool:

Height should be just right to the table, in front of it. Measuring the tables or counters underside to the floor twice will help you fix the height of the stool. Subtract approx. 10inches from that number to get the appropriate number that you might need. Below are the inch distances that are for different stool heights. Short: this is an alternative for casual settings, breakfast places, dining tables too. The seat height must be approximately 16-23 inches.

Counter type stools: these are mainly designed for kitchen use, like for dining or used for home bars, either indoors or outdoors. The seat height normally for this would be 23-28 inches and the table height can be 35-37 inches tall from the floor.

Bar height stools: this is as said, mainly used for bars, to sit on the aisle and watch out for drinks and some grooves. The common height is 29-32 inches of the seat, and the table height should be 41-43 inches.

Tall stools: they are mostly seen in cafés that are on the top floors, some specifically themed cafes, cafes in the airports and malls have such type of seating style, which accommodates more people and can be a good sit out too. The seat height is 33-36 inches, and the table height should be 44-47 inches.

Seat comforts:

These stools have a lot of variations to come, like the backless stool, full back, low back and the most famous swivel chair. So, let’s see the flexibilities that come with stools and which one suits best for which environment. Full back stools: if you intend to spend some time relaxing on the stool, then you need to opt for this, where your back is rested and comfortable.
Backless stools: these are mostly used only for cafes where they intend to serve more people and save space at the end. They can get uncomfortable very soon and hence is recommended only where people drop in for business visits and for bars where people just have and walk out.

Low back: this is for a modern and stylish work atmosphere, suited mostly where you want the maximum visibility. Well, we feel once this is right, nothing much can go wrong in your way of furniture shopping.


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